Browning Camping Big Horn Tent for 8 Peoples

The Browning big horn tent is absolutely the best family tent for families, fit up to 8 peoples comfortably. It has all the protection from bad weather conditions. Browning's advanced weatherproof technology is very reliable with all the protection from harsh weather. Easy to set up and come with necessary pieces of equipment such as steel stakes and guylines.

It is an all-seasons full room tent that has six windows and two doors and it is protected with extra UV protection from sun rays and comes with a double cover top with tiny awning on doors. It offers pretty good ventilation in hot summer weather with six windows and two doors on both sides. The two side doors can act as a window too with mesh zip covers if hot summer is your gaming days.

The mesh provides protection against the insects from entering to shelter and also makes the airflow more natural.  It got a maximum center height of 7.3 feet that is huge and considered more than many larger tents of similar size and that size makes a good choice for families. Best tent for tall peoples with an extra-tall ceiling of 87 inches, provide free-standing pleasure like home.

The space of 150 square feet is plenty with a height of a normal room. The Big Horn 8 person tent comes with two rooms it allows privacy and ideally takes care of large families and groups as hub designs are always suitable for large gatherings. If privacy is the concern the center wall divides the tent into two cabins with separate door entrances.

Its thick water-resistant floor is 151D polyester, which is a high-strength fabric material with a rating of 2000mm waterproofing that is overwhelming to be true for a true weather-protected family tent for all seasons. The sides and roof are entirely covered with the polyester fly that dumps the rainwater and stands durable with sturdy fiberglass strong poles.

  • Two rooms can work as internal storage compartments.
  • Breathable and excellent height for tall persons.
  • Durable and large 150 square feet.
  • Included accessories to make things easy.
  • Weatherproof with 151D polyester material.
  • It has complete ground proofing.
  • Value for money well-protected.
  • You have to keep everything inside there is no vestibule.
  • Sadly this tent has no electric ports for hooking extension cords.
  • The interior let air in and out likely low heat retention.
  • It's 34 pounds heavy and needs two persons to set up.

Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent

Coleman Elite Montana 8 person tent is easy to set up for families and large groups to sleep comfortably outdoors. Elite Montana features all the modern and worthy of weatherproof elements in a very spacious dome-shaped relatively lightweight tent compared to its extensive size.

This Coleman Elite 8 people weatherproof tent comes with impressive features. You are getting interior LED lights with controllable switch, self-rolling windows, electric ports for hooking up extension cords to power the cellphones, and camping gears with USBs, that impress us a lot if not you, we feel good about the included CPX6 battery cartridges.

Besides these handy features, the dome interior of Montana has 16 x 7 feet of huge space capable of 8 peoples. The floor has a nice touch with mat protection that allows having a nice and comfortable package with the WeatherTec system that patented welded floors and inverted seams for bad weather.

Coleman provided pin and ring connectors to make it quick and easy for events setup. The roof has plenty of ventilation for summers with a mesh-protected door, which is a hinged door. It is great to go in and out and convenient velcro fastening zips up securely for nighttime.

There is a rainfly that forms a porch over the doorway that prevents the water from coming inside the tent in the rainy season. The awning can be stored away in one of two featured mesh stow pockets if you want to breathe a little more in summer the tent has service for you to stay comfortable.

The behemoth tent is capable of fitting mountain hikers, bikers, and trails who explore landscapes and adventure with large families and friends. It has nice features for beginners to set this tent. For a nice touch, it also has a rainfly for bad weather situations and comes with a carrying bag.

  • Weather resistance in various harsh conditions.
  • Ease of set-up even a single man can get this to set up.
  • Very spacious, comfortable for groups.
  • provide fiberglass durability.
  • Budget-friendly family tent.
  • Very compact size when packed in a bag.
  • Customizable for extra ventilation.
  • No color-coded marks so practice makes the man perfect.
  • You can't see out from the sides there are unfit windows.
  • Stakes are short but replaceable.
  • 4D batteries for cartridges aren't included in the package.

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 Review

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 is 4 seasons all-weather family camping tent for a small family of two persons. Looking at the size it has 34 square feet of long space and counts 43.5 with the inclusion of the vestibule it reached enough for two persons to lay down comfortably and can use two dogs under the vestibule.

The Tasmanian 2 is adaptable for 4 seasons shelter due to customizable features. The internal space is well managed but not have a stand-up headroom because of the low height. It has a flap on the fly for adaptability and versatility with two doors and two additional vents in the ceiling. Those are small in size and mashed up properly like the windows.

The size it carries is compact for any trip with the weight of 8-pounds and 8 Oz, which is not that big and reasonable for occasional or season camping. The roof mesh vented expose outward with zippers on the fly. It is good for maximum airflow and a double Y poll system covers all the load of this tent that also makes it strong against wind and snowy weather if you properly tie the six guy lines from each side.

It feels like nothing but an activity for preparing a mountain shelter that nearly an adventure. Can hold a load of heavy snow with top polyester sheets and water-resistant and strong roof poles. If you consider an atrip of two persons and do not carry a huge load of weight then ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 is what you need for such an extra expense of the trip.

There are a couple of storage pockets you can make use for routine stuff. If you want to lay comfortable in winter stormy camping Tasmanian 2 is your peace for adventure in the wild. It is after all in an intuitive tent for a serious winter with storm-proofing and compact weight makes it a comfortable choice cabin for bad weather.

  • Well ventilated no leakage premium shield canvas.
  • It is easy-to-carry lightweight and set up quickly.
  • A durable performance tent can handle 4 seasons and heavy rain and snow loads.
  • Excellent material constructed 40D Nylon and 5D 185T Polyester.
  • Good design twin hooped and vestibules.
  • A little less headroom in comparison.
  • Complex for beginners.
  • Folding takes an effort when you pull back all the setup.

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

The mountain trailing Core 9 person extended dome tent is the most suitable cabin for large families with kids. It comes with all fiberglass poles meaning durability on standard and weighs 20 pounds that is you have to carry it for your whole family. Considering the extended size and this tent is maintainable for three or five peoples with some luggage and don't get yourself pause.

The 9 people count for 9 sleeping bags that this tent can fit inside but that does not count your luggage or gear. So always take a person's counting as your rough guide for actual scenarios when you carry luggage with your trip that makes it easy to understand what manufacturer put together their thought on compelling peoples mind for easy understanding about tent space.

The Core 9 tent has an easy and fast setup and attains dimensions measure of 16 feet x 9 feet with 144 square feet of total ground space where you can live up with your family on the camping trip. The extended dome tent sealed design can block moisture with the H2O Block technology, which protects the entire tent from weather harshness.

It seems standard but fiberglass poles are durables and lightweight to not burden the carry bags. The necessary parts that are more exposed to the outer side are protected with 68D Polyester fabric that heavy-duty to stand ant storm. You will be good with the Core 9 person extended dome tent capacity and comfort.

  • It has a comfortable central height of 6 feet with good headroom.
  • Easily take 9 sleeping bags in 144 ft² area comfortably.
  • It comes with two windows, an air-intake vent, and a mesh ceiling for excellent ventilations.
  • Includes Gear loft, Stakes, Carry bag and nice touch Lantern hanging hooks.
  • It used durable waterproof material 68D Polyester fabric.
  • Setup easily and has protection against bad weather.
  • Customizable for all seasons with extra ventilation.
  • Lightweight removable Rainfly.
  • It has a single room/cabin structure.
  • When populate 9 zip bags leaves no room for luggage.
  • The vestibule is closet.
  • It has a single door.

Coleman Octagon 98 Outdoor 8-Person Tent

Coleman is a big brand in camping accessories and this is one of their most luxurious tents. The Coleman Octagon 98 Outdoor 8-Person Tent can fit up to 8 peoples and two full-size queen airbeds for comfortable sleep. An internal room divider turns camp into two separate cabins for more privacy and separate language storage.

Having a big family is a blessing and when it comes to camping, space becomes the most important matter. This Coleman family tent has a significant amount of space for eight peoples. Instantly turn into a whole balloon tent in 10 minutes with pre-attached poles.

There would be enough space for adults to relax and kids to play inside your tent. Measuring 13 by 13 feet that accommodate two rooms and a height of 6 feet and 10 inches. Offers comfortable laying space and two inner storage pockets for your accessories and gadgets.

This is the best quality tent you can take out in the wild and enjoy camping without any worry of bad weather. It comes with advanced weatherproof technology, rugged poly guard fabric coating, and an integrated rainfly that keeps you safe and dry in bad rainy weather.

Overall, this is a good tent with good ventilation for fresh air and lightning. Personal things and other camping gears easily fit inside the tent. Easy to assemble, high-quality material, waterproof, and accommodate two queen size mattresses. Make this a good tent for some really good days in nature.

  • Comfortable freestanding tent for up to 8 peoples.
  • Divide 122 ft² into two rooms with cabin divider.
  • Best Coleman tent for lousy weather rain and storm.
  • Very high roof with full room capacity, allows people to walk pleasantly.
  • Polyester Taffeta 68D waterproof coating.
  • Well ventilated with two door and has half-length zip-on fly.
  • Easy to setup color-coded pole attachments.
  • It comes witch interior storage pockets with cup holders.
  • It is heavy and bulky but comes with an easy carry bag of nylon canvas with two wheels.
  • Privacy wall does not come in the package.

Coleman Evanston 6-Person Screened Camping Tent

The screen room is an excellent mesh top bug-free lounging in summer to spend the night in the comfort of the cool breeze while protected with fully covered mesh. The Coleman Evanston 6-person screened camping tent has different aspects and features for a family of six persons with a dome shape that has two cabin designs to helps you make secure your gear.

The tent is designed for 6 peoples with maximum livability. It has an interior of 10 feet by 9 feet, while also a bug-free lounging area of 10 by 5 feet. Which is combines to make the area of 14 x 10 feet.

The mesh screen area is also a room for the summer season but not designed to stay protected in rain or storm. So be cool to use the dome for the main area for sleeping in the fully weatherproof cabin. Even though the screen room is not fully protected from bad weather it can provide protection from bugs and crawlers.

You can use both the interior room and mesh lounge area for sleeping on warm summer nights. It is obvious for personal thinking and requirements. You can store the luggage and gear for a comfortable environment, while also sit or spend the night in the clear sky.

  • It has good headroom of 68 inches in height.
  • Spacious enough to hold 6 peoples comfortably.
  • A screen room can use for multi-purposes.
  • Two rooms combine an area of 14 by 10 feet.
  • It has a good price for versatility.
  • Comes with a polyester taffeta 75D waterproof rated coat.
  • Very well ventilated with two windows and a front screen door.
  • The screen room is not protected from bad weather.
  • The tet has only one door to enter and it goes through a mesh screen.

Pacific Pass Camping Tent 8 Person Family Dome Tent

This is another extended dome tent from Pacific Pass with excellent durability and weatherproof protection. It comes with high-grade material construction that is 190T polyester with 63D rated for and 1500mm waterproofing. The tent's official capacity makes it suitable for up to 8 peoples with limited gear.

It has a stable design that can bear storm weather conditions and also work in warm-weather camping because of reasonably good ventilation and removable fly it will be your objective of handling good and bad weather at once.

This Pacific Pass 8 person dome tent comes with a fully covered polyethylene floor that is obvious for waterproofing effect but also makes the comfort of the indoor environment. There are many good values included in the tent such as a gear loft, easy lantern hooks, and e-cable port to use the power extension for electric devices.

The dome is divided into three separate cabins for the purpose of privacy and safe zones there are three mesh windows those are enough for ventilations and coverage surround visuals. It comes with shock-corded, color coded steel poles that ease the setup.

The dimensions it carries are 18 x 10 feet with the area of 180 square feet. Which is enough for 8 sleeping bags to lie around on floor but that make less room for the luggage and gear, so going with less number of individuals is a good step for the comfortability.

  • Good protection against bad weather.
  • Spacious 180 square feet room area can convert to three.
  • Despite the size it can weight 23.32 lb when packed.
  • It has olor-coded poles eases the setup.
  • Center height is 72-inches that is enough for comfortable movement.
  • Value price point when considered all the worthy elements.
  • the tent has short vestibule, not room to place foot mat.
  • The removable dividers are not that useful.
  • It has single door.

Coleman Cabin Camping Tent with Weatherproof Screen Room

Coleman’s weather master screen room tent comes in two different caapcities, one for 4 peoples and another for 6 peoples. In the understanding with screen room tents Coleman is best for its compatibility with any climate condition and provide fully protected fly for weatherproofness.

it is a tunnel-type tent in design that is structured for durability against the wind and storm. there is enclosed screened porch that adds the value for warm weather and give more useable space for the comfort with bug-free lounging. you can use the space or any purpose or storing te gear or laying.

The screen room is like a weatherproof vestibule that is reasonable for the size of 11 x 8 feet area of the tent. The wall are straight and detachable rainfly offers extra weather protection from rain. It is suitable for tackling all the weather with convertible fly and well palced windows make it liveable for any season.

  • Very tall in height of 6 feet 6 feet 4 inches.
  • It comes with WeatherTec polyester coating.
  • Ecellent design screen room fully coved with weather protection.
  • Can stand strong weather with tunnel shape.
  • It has ground vents for good vetillation.
  • The roof has panoramic windows.
  • It has nic etouch of e-cable port.
  • No room divider included.
  • It has only one door to enter.
  • It is heavy and bulky when packed.

ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 4-Person Tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 4-person tent is a luxury of a tent with the pleasure of freestanding and protection of strong and rugged construction. Its cabin style of 7.6 x 8.6 feet area baseline provide room for up to 4 persons to sleeps on pads.

The tall structure is one of highlights of this tent for the fully freestanding and walking. The tent can provide room for relative small family with a comfortable cabin design consist of steep walls and high ceilings.

Its construction makes all seasons camping possible with the polyester fly on top which is not the only reason it is weather proof. The construction is sturdy with fully sealed seams and 75D-185T polyester that is rated for 1500mm rain. It has protection of

Its front and back awnings has rain protection to its easy to set-up hub design. There straight side walls allow more room for hanging the gear in mesh pockets. The factory-sealed fly and floor seams arethe best things you can expect a weather protection tent.

The room of tent has great ventilation four large windows on side walls allow more air to travel in summer, but there is one door. If you are considering a good outdoor vacation, the ALPHS Mountaineering Camp Creek 4-person tent has a value for your money.

  • Weatherproof and durable.
  • Comfortable and well Ventilated.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Huge headroom to stand and walk.
  • Two awnings at each side.
  • Uniform stitching and well construction.
  • One door but four ventilated windows.
  • Poles are steel not high quality aluminium or fiberglass.
  • Less number of stakes and guylines.
  • Liveable for less than 4 persons.

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

The Coleman Hooligan backpacking tent is the most compact and easy to carry tent for camping. It can hold 2 peoples with a comfortable, strong, and durable structure. It is featured for a small family to stay comfortable in bad weather conditions.

The tent comes in compact dome cabin that is sized 8 by 6 foot. There is Coleman WeatherTec weatherproof technology indome-shaped design uses polyester taffeta 75D coating with double inner seams of 45 mm PU.

You can enjoy better airflow from windows with inverted seams to make it happen.  The best thing about Hooligan is the portability in camping that is about 12 pounds and a small carry bag easily fit it.

Coleman provides there many small storage pockets to put necessities in the reach. IN outer care for bad weather the included rainfly covers the entire tent to provide wet weather protection.  The durable fiberglass pols helps a lot in windy climates.

You can use the small but fully covered vestibule to keeps the tent clean by creating a dry entryway in outdoor shoe space. It slso keeps the entrance covered in rainy weather that is fully waterproof.

The foolr also welded that is an extraordinary extends to the ground improvements with 1000D polyethylene for weatherproofness. If you consider the size it I sworthy for to person and study design is suitable for bad weather.

It is not massive like other tents but a good tent with enough space for 2 peoples with simple camping gear.

  • Good weather protection.
  • Very useful design with a vestibule.
  • Eas to setup with pin-and-ring system.
  • Compact and very portable.
  • The door is tiny.
  • Not for very bad weather.