Best Action Cameras under $100 – Buyers Review 2020

Action cameras are the most compact powerful cameras for recording epic moments of your life. Finding the best action cameras under 100 dollars budget is a hard task in terms of quality and first-class features. There are many high-quality handheld action cameras with premium price tags. But are unreachable by an average budget consumer. This is why we are here to show you some of the best budget action cameras with equivalent high-end features just under the 100 dollars price range.

Best Action Camera under 100These smart compact cameras are filled with high specs sensors and come with a different approach of being tough for any action scene. Despite being so small they can shoot in 4k resolution even in underwater. Thanks to their compact size fit anywhere, mount anywhere and shoot steady action videos without any hassle.

Action cameras gaining popularity with vloggers, streamers, and sports persons shooting their sports and stories. Here we made a list of 5 most compact powerful, best action cameras under 100 dollars.

In this list, we provide action cameras that can support all professional accessories, waterproof casings, gambles, and other equipment. You can check out the highlighted main features for the camera including accessories. All of the cameras are pretty capable of 4K resolution video recording with smooth frame rates.

Top 5 Best Action Camera under 100

  1. AKASO V50X Action Camera
    ” Most compact lightweight action camera with a wide range of accessories under a 100 dollar price range. Shoot 4K 30 fps videos and photos with wide-angle of 170 degrees even underwater.”
  2. APEMAN TRAWO A100 Action Camera
    ” 4K camera can shoot underwater video at 30 fps. Its wide-angle 170 degrees 20MP camera powered with HisSilion chip can shoot pretty low light scenes easily.”
  3. video footage with “
  4. Xiaomi YI 4K Action Camera
    ” The best GoPro Competitor action camera shoots 4k ultra videos and RAW images. Comes with high-resolution retina screen with Gorilla Glass protection. A well budget action camera.”
  5. Xiaomi Mijia Mini 4k Action Camera
    ” This is a premium level 4k budget camera with UV filter lenses with long battery life. Shoot impressive 200 FPS at 720p resolutions for over 3 hours of battery life.”
  6. Dragon Touch Vista 5 4K Action Camera
    “The best budget 4K camera with all the accessories capable of underwater recordings. It comes with EIS stabilization makes shooting fast object visually clear.”
Product Rating Table
AKASO V50X Native 4K30fps⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
APEMAN TRAWO A100⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
YI 4K Action and Sports Camera⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Xiaomi Mijia Mini 4k Action and Video Camera⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price


Best Action Camera under 100

Akaso is one of the known brands in budget action cameras, their v50x is the upgraded model of v50 with a very low price tag. They make this one of the most affordable cameras in the v50 series with premium-level features. This time they came up with massive upgrades and improvements over the previous version. The new v50x comes with a better EIS stabilization system work with all resolutions which is an awesome feature for handheld cameras.

The electronic stabilization lets you shoot steady videos with smooth frame rates without any gimble. Its bigger wide-angle 12MP camera sensor shoots 4K UHD videos at 30 FPS with native quality enhancement technology. This is the most demanding feature for many consumers to have a 4k capable action camera for their day to day vlogs.

If you concern about more frames rather than high resolution, you can turn down the settings to 2k with 60 FPS and even 720p resolution with 120 FPS. These settings will lower the image quality but increase the frame rates, which is good for reliable video editing. Lower resolution recording also saves your storage and provide efficient battery life.

For the battery, the camera comes with two 1350 mAh rechargeable batteries, with the included charging dock. You can take both batteries with you and shoot up to 6 hours of awesome videos with the total battery capacity of 2700 mAh. If you want more, you can buy a couple more batteries regarding your needs.

There is also a battery charging dock included with the camera, which can charge two batteries at the same time. The dual battery charging system eventually increases the charging time. So it can quickly charge the batteries and help you with continuous video recording.

Build quality wise camera has a really sturdy body made of high-quality tough plastic. It can stand a couple of drops and relatively lightweight as compared to GoPro cameras. Even support more accessories than any premium action camera also comes with a handful of useful accessories in the box.

The V50X has a decent amount of buttons includes a shutter, power button, and volume buttons also work as zoom in and zoom out functions. The camera has a micro SD card slot on the right side for data storing and sharing uses built-in Wifi features. Aside from the SD slot, there is a micro USB and a mini HDMI port for screen sharing to external monitor or TV.

Other important features are the camera UI, which is pretty easy and responsive. Embed with many helpful features like the video angle adjustments and stabilizations. Because this is a wide-angle lens camera you can shoot up to 170 degrees wide videos and images. Also, you can watch and share videos directly with the Camera App.

Overall, this camera has many high-end features in a nice budget-friendly package. Its night image quality is surprisingly good but without the image-stabilization. Day time footage with the stabilization has good effect on image quality with anti-shake functions. The underwater video recording is also good quality. If you want a compact action cam with budget-oriented price tag also high in features then Akaso V50X is best for you.

Main Features:
  • Wifi feature for controlling with App, screen sharing, photos, and videos.
  • The camera has a built-in electronic image stabilization function.
  • Has a bright viewing 2 inches IPS touch display for visuals and settings.
  • Micro HDMI port for fast data transfering and display projection.
  • It has a standard SD card slot that supports high-end data cards.
  • Its video angle is adjustable at 70°, 110°, 140°, and 170° wide angles.
  • It features a distortion filter that can calibrate and correct image quality.
  • Inbox included a remote control watch for quick controls and shots.
  • Other accessories include 2 helmet mounts, waterproof case, protective backdoor.
  • 10 adhesive mounts, tethers, USB cable, lens cloth, reference guide and 2 packs of batteries.
  • The WP case, let the camera shoot underwater videos with a huge range of 131 feet (40m).
  • EIS image stabilization function of the six-axis gyroscope can provide stable quality.
  • Shoot 4k quality 30 FPS.
  • High-Quality build material.
  • Great accessories and features.
  • Good underwater video quality.
  • Built-in stabilized EIS System.
  • Most value for money.
  • Mic quality is not great.
  • Lower resolution lack of depth.


Best Action Camera under 100

Apeman is another known company making compact action cameras with high specs features. Their Apeman Trawo A100 is almost identical to Akaso V50X but has different sensors and chipsets. Resembles more like GoPro but a very affordable cost of under 100 dollars make this a perfect candidate for our list of budget action cameras.

Apeman Twawo A100 is the successor of companie’s best-selling A80, which has entry-level specs. This time they embed a bigger and more capable sensor for capturing 4K footage in any action scene. Uses powerful chip from HiSilicom called the Hisilicon Hi3559, which is capable of coding 4K video recording with less time and manage videos smooth frame rates with builtin EIS stabilizations.

The camera houses a 20MP wide-angle shooter from Panasonic manufactured MN34120 sensor. Which has great low light capabilities and fast shutter speed? Can shoot 4K video at 30 FPS, 2K at 60, 1440p at 60, 1080p at 60 and 720p at 120 frames. Although it can shoot in 4K, the smaller resolution will greatly affect battery life and provide long-term recordings with little space consumption.

Because it has a powerful chip which require more power to process 4K recordings and results in quickly draining of the battery. As it came with standard 1350 mAh battery provides only 35 minutes of battery life when shooting 4K videos. Which is pretty lower than the other action cameras in the list but not much of a problem when you get high-resolution footage.

If you are concerned about long battery life, you can turn down the settings to 1080p and shoot videos for over 100 minutes. Also, the 720p resolution is slow motion capable, can shoot fast-moving objects with the frame rate of 120 frames per second for intense action. In addition, it comes with a pair of batteries, so you can charge one and use the second battery at a time.

Just like Akaso V50X, Apeman Trawo A100 uses EIS, electronic image stabilization technology with a six-axis gyroscope for steady action footage. But Apeman added more functionality in A100 with Auto-recognition system, which can identify persons in the frame and adjust the level of depth and sensor aperture to scene accordance. On top of that, it can take bokeh shots with appropriate background blur in photos and videos.

The Apeman A100 has a wide range of accessories, the included waterproof casing make camera waterproof with the range of 40 meters, which is 131 feet underwater radius. This is a really necessary feature for an action camera to shoot underwater footage. The image quality of A100 is pretty sharp in low light conditions even underwater low light recording is good.

The build quality is good and has two multifunctions buttons located on top. One is power and mod changing button while the other is for selection and shutter functions. There are two more buttons on the right side for menu navigations and zoom.

The ports selection is pretty standard and is on the left side of the camera. Has micro SD card, micro USB and Mini HDMI port for sharing and watching videos on TV. All of the ports are covered which is a good thing for an action camera.

Overall, this is a budget action camera can perform edge to edge with premium spec cameras. It has adjustable wide-angle lens of 170 degrees with auto scene detection functions. Provide some great underwater footage in low light. Can connect with Android and IOS using Camera App and transfer videos directly to your smartphone. The camera has a solid build quality and a pretty wide range of accessories included in the box. This is a good pick for a person with tight budget for an action camera.

Main Features:
  • Wifi control feature with smart App, screen sharing, videos and photos.
  • Built-in electronic image stabilization system with 6 axis gyroscope.
  • Has a 2 inches IPS LCD touch display for visuals and settings.
  • Micro HDMI port and Micro USB port for fast data transfering and display projection.
  • Shoot underwater videos with a range of 131 feet (40m) with a waterproof case.
  • Has adjustable angle functions with 70°, 110°, 140°, and up to 170° wide angles.
  • Auto scene detection and object detection with full background blur functions.
  • Image distortion corrector for better photos and video quality recordings.
  • Inbox included accessories are waterproof casing, helmet mount, bike mount,
  • USB cable, rear case cover, plastic ties, micro fibre cloth, 2 batteries,
  • couple of wire and velcro straps, tapes and various case mounts.
  • Shoot 4k video 30 FPS.
  • High-Quality Build.
  • EIS and blur features.
  • Great accessories and features.
  • Good low light underwater video quality.
  • Poor battery life.

3- YI 4K Action Camera

Best Action Camera under 100

YI 4K is another Xiaomi product line with premium features with the competition of GoPro Hero 6, actually better than GoPro with high-end features and premium quality. This is one of the premium action cameras you can buy with a budget price tag of over 100 dollars. It uses the industry-leading Sony IMX377 12MP image sensor with the ultra-wide-angle lens. Can capture 4K RAW images and have options for easy share using Camera App.

The Yi camera can shoot 4K videos at 30 FPS with pretty depth quality. There’s also a 1080p recording at 60fps and super slow-motion 240 FPS recording at 720p settings. Which is great for super-fast action scenes. The camera features 7 layers of LCE optical lenses with f2.8 aperture for better light capturing with lots of detailing for high-resolution images.

It has super-fast dual band Broadcom BCM43340 802.11a/b/g/n Wifi with the refresh rate of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Which is twice powerful than the previous two products we mention has 2.4 GHz Wifi, which is good but not that great. This wifi make this pretty much capable of real-time scene sharing with zero delays via Yi Camera App. Share real-time footage on social media and on Yi global community platform.

The most appreciated features of this camera is 2.19 inches retina touch screen display and premium quality. The display is protected with Gorilla Glass, which is an high standard Glass protection, mostly found in Smartphones. This can protect th escreen from scratches.

Design-wise this is the most simple looking yet beautiful finish body that has only one button on top. For settings and other functions, you can use either the smart App or use the high-resolution beautiful touch display on the back of the camera for all the features.

Battery life is twice the size of GoPro hero 4 camera, and last over 120 minutes of duration with 4K recording. Even it has the most powerful chipset, Amarelle A9SE75, which is a dual-core high-frequency chip. The 1400 mAmp Lithium-ion battery has quick charge features of 4.4 Volts, which is huge than other competitors.

Overall, this is a high end featured better than GoPro Hero 4 and 5 action camera when you compare all its features. The Camera App also edit pictures and videos and apply different filter effects. Meanwhile shares real-time footage on social media.

Has a variety of color schemes white, black, rose gold options. But sadly has no accessories included with the camera. You have to buy separately. The good thing it can also support GoPro gears if you have. Otherwise, you have to check online. This is the camera for professionals with high-end features and costs less than any premium camera.

Main Features:
  • Best featured Wifi connectivity with Camera App can take overall control of Camera.
  • Share live footage and share with the Xiaomi Yi community to see other people’s work.
  • Built-in electronic image stabilization system with 6 axis gyroscope.
  • Has a 2.19 inches IPS Retina LCD with great visuals quality.
  • Shoot underwater videos with an additional case which is not included.
  • It has a huge range of accessories sold separately.
  • Has Micro HDMI port and Micro USB port for data transfering.
  • Has adjustable wide-angle lens with 70°, 110°, 140°, and up to 170° wide angles.
  • Auto scene detection, image distortion, and other smart features are built-in.
  • Inbox there are no accessories only the camera and micro USB cable.
  • Also, a manual guide for beginners, which is an unnecessary burden.
  • Great audio quality with dual mic and noise correction.
  • Long battery life of 120 minutes of 4K recordings with the most powerful hardware.
  • For the features this is one of the best overall action camera with great video recording of 50 FPS.
  • Shoot 4k 50 FPS videos and RAW images.
  • Latest Sony sensor and Processor.
  • Ease of use UI and App functions.
  • Great viewing retina touch display.
  • Great professional level quality.
  • No accessories included.

4- Xiaomi Mijia Mini 4k Action Camera

Best Action Camera under 100

Xiaomi products are expanding the world’s horizon every day. You will find Xiaomi’s sub-brands in every electronic store, these brands are very affordable and of high quality. Their collaborated Mijia Mini Sports Camera is no exception with high-quality balance features. You can’t get a better performance action camera with a small compact design at a very cheap price below $ 100. This is really saying, it has better specs than the premium labeled GoPro Hero 4 if you compare it closely.

The camera comes with a high-resolution retina screen, with the size of 2.4 inches making this one of the second best-looking display on action cameras in the list. As Yi 4K also got the retina screen with the same size. The Mijia Mini uses the Ambarella A12S75 chip which is very much capable of handling Sony IMX317 Sensor. Which is, by the way, an old sensor, has an 8 MP image sensor.

This is capable of many things you can imagine from an excellent action camera and it is right under the budget segment of this list which is under $ 100 price range. While the competitors like GoPro Hero 6 has away up price tag with more premium frames rates with the premium cost. Here Mijia has only an 8MP sensor but the features are better than GoPro Hero 6. It has six-axis electronic stabilization, long battery life, UV filter, and 3.2mm sensor lens capture lots of details with automatic focus and high contrast exposures functions make the photos more professional.

Features dynamic range photography with drones provides wide-angle up to 145 ° of fair vision with f / 2.8 aperture. Shoot steady videos with builtin 6-axis electronic image stabilizers reduce fast movement impacts for better-looking videos. It can shoot up to 30 FPS 4k footage, 2K at 50, 1080p at 100 and 720p at 200 massive frame rates better than most of its competitors.

Take RAW photos with 4K resolution and powerful hardware reduces realtime noise reduction in 3D photos and distortion effect seamlessly. It has Wifi and Bluetooth features for sharing data with the smartphone through the Camera App and performs other functions like remote recording etc. Sadly the ports selection is on the little downside in Mijia Mini, has only micro USB and SD card slots and no Micro HDMI port on the camera which is not appreciated as every other cam has this feature.

The battery life is pretty decent with powerful hardware with 4K recordings. It has a battery of 1450 mAh, which provides an estimated 2 hours of max resolution recordings with Wifi on. If you want better battery life, low down the recording resolution to 1080p will serve you over 3 hours of recordings without any problem. A top tip is turning off the wireless connections and reduce the screen brightness to make you achieve the maximum battery life of any camera in the list.

Overall. this is a good action camera with lots of useful features and does not break the pocket. Best features for the price. It has seven different layers of glass lenses with ultraviolet filters for high-quality recordings without getting flares on camera. Big bright screen and functional UI make use easy and productive. Great image distortion and footage stability without any gimble. This is the best budget action camera with the most compelling value for money features.

Main Features:
  • Has Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity for smartphone connection.
  • Provide remote recording features with the Camera App.
  • Sleek and compact design with a single functional button on top.
  • Built-in electronic image stabilization system with 6 axis gyroscope.
  • Has a 2.4 inches big IPS Retina LCD for all the functions.
  • Professional level dynamic range in photographs and video shooting.
  • No waterproof case with the camera buys separately.
  • No Micro HDMI port only Micro USB port for data transfering.
  • Has adjustable angle functions up to 145° which is decent.
  • Support high-speed Micro SD card up to 64 GB.
  • The inbox you get a camera, micro USB cable, and manual guide.
  • Best battery life action camera with a very budget price under $ 100.
  • Shoot 4k 30 FPS.
  • UV filter lenses.
  • Great battery life.
  • Retina touch screen.
  • Value for money.
  • No accessories included.

5- Dragon Touch Vista 5 4K Action Camera

Best Action Camera under 100

Dragon Touch Vista 5 is a very budget-friendly 4K action camera with quality features. It is the most underrated action camera with the 4K native resolution video recording at 30 FPS quality. Support Wifi for smartphone connection with the camera App you can share videos on social media. Shoot 4K-high-resolution 16MP photos with pretty details. Capture a lot of area with its Wide-angle lense up to 170 degrees of field of view. Which is the most obvious thing for an action camera?

The Dragon Vista 5 has all the premium features you need for better photography, ultra high definition video recording and much more. Its 20MP huge sensor can shoot sharp in-depth photos without any delay. Records ultra 4K resolution without any bumps with the integrated electronic image stabilizer, resist all the shakings and provide stable footage.

It has builtin 2 inches touch screen for accessing camera settings and functions like camera mods, resolutions, zoom, and previous footages. This is the most amazing feature in action cameras to help you a lot when shooting vlogs. Having a display in the camera makes photography lot easier and productive with instant results, allows you to enhance video quality with different settings without reshooting the exact scene.

Dragon Vista 5 is exceptionally an outstanding camera with many features. It comes with many accessories included in the box. The most appreciated accessory is the waterproof case. Which makes Dragon Vista dive underwater up to 100 feet (30meters). Best for sports especially diving, scuba diving, jet-skiing, surfing, kayaking, and boating.

Battery life is around one and a half hours mostly depending on the resolution you put and the features you use. The best thing it comes along with two 1350 mAh batteries with a charging dock can charge both at same time. So you won’t waste your time by charging one at a time. If you want a long battery duration then lower the resolution to 1080p and it will benefit you long battery life. Also, it will increase the frame rate to 60 FPS.

There is a remote included with the camera, its called the remote controller but it more like a remote watch. Let you set the timer for photos and record epic moments with the press of a button. The feature of this camera is not limited to the remote you can connect your smartphone with the camera Wifi using the camera App. It will let you truly control your entire camera remotely with real-time screen sharing.

Overall. this is the very best budget camera under 100 dollars. Most likely for the beginners without the need of any additional accessories. It comes with all the necessary included in the camera box. You have no worry about getting a helmet mount or bike mount, its all in the package. For the action camera perspective, this is really an amazing small compact action camera and it does not break your pocket. And this also has its app, which will allow you to share your videos and images to your Phone or Tablet easily.

Main Features:
  • Has Wifi connectivity for smartphone connection with Camera App.
  • Remote watch for quick controls useable when hiking and climbing.
  • Sleek and compact design with multiple functional buttons.
  • Built-in electronic image stabilization system for smooth videos.
  • Has a 2 inches LCD for all the mods and camera settings.
  • Record 4K 30 FPS videos and 20 MP ultra photos.
  • It comes with a waterproof case and dives up to 100 feet.
  • Inbox includes many accessories like two 1350 mAh Batteries,
  • dual battery charger, remote watch, 2 helmet mounts,
  • 5 tethers, bicycle stand, Lens cleaning cloth, bandages,
  • Protective backdoor case, 2 clips, 5 mounts, waterproof case,
  • USB cable and manual guide of the product.
  • Shoot 4k 30 FPS.
  • 20 MP huge sensor.
  • Included waterproof case.
  • Best value for money.
  • Poor battery life.

Buyer’s Guide:

If you are looking for a best action camera that can shoot 4K ultra videos and comes in under 100 dollars price tag. Then you are at the righ place. Here in the list we choose the most budget friendly and value for money action cameras. Capable of shooting indepth photos with ultra details with wide angle multiple layered lenses etc. You can read the whole article for details. Here the recommended one is the Xiaoami Yi camera with amazing features and overall quality. You can also go for others as they come with all the necessary accessories like waterproof cases and various mounts. But the two premium cameras are the Yi 4K and Mijia Mini 4K are not included any accessories. They are best waterproof action cameras under 100 dollars budget. The decision is your weather you go for premium ones or the ones with balance quality with value for money features.


What is the best waterproof action camera under hundred dollars?

There are many waterproof action cameras. The best waterproof camera under 100 dollars budget with high-end features is the Xiaomi Yi 4K Camera. But it doesn’t come with a waterproof case sold separately. On the other hand, the most budget-friendly action camera with the included waterproof case is the Apeman Trawo A100.

What is the best cheap action camera?

The cheapest action camera is the Dragon touch 4K action camera, cost around 60 dollars and lies in the list of most budget friendly action cameras under 100 dollars. It can shoot 4K 30 FPS videos with 16 MP large sensor.


All the action cameras you see in the list are most compact 4K cameras with many high end features without the premium price tag. You can get any of those, as they are all very well build and capable to capture epic moments. With the accessories you can mount on bikes, helmits, and even use as dashcam. Some of cam included with waterproof case in the box while others sold seperately. Besides this these are the best budget action cameras. This is up to your personal preferences what you like and how much much you want to spent on your action camera.  Thanks for visiting.

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